FC Midland

High School Boys Fee $1245

Season Package Includes the Following


  • Indoor Winter Training


  • 2 Times A Week Training
  • *League Games

Additional Programming:

CAP Program

  • One on one College prep meetings monthly
  • Guidance for NCAA Registration
  • Player Profile
  • Veo Camera System for recording games for College Highlights

Soccer Pulse

Player wellness app to keep track of injuries, sleeping patterns, energy levels and more.

Beyond Pulse

Beyond Pulse is a heart rate monitor which tracks the following for players:

  • Heart Rate
  • Player Workload
  • Distance Covered
  • Speed
  • High Impact Sprints
  • Calories


Potential Showcases

  • Ohio Elite- Between $113-$129 Per player dependent on Roster
  • Fort Wayne – Between $87.50-$100 Per Player depending on Roster

*League Game Games will be 8-10 per season and will be anywhere in the state of Michigan